The Best Way to Explore Parintins, Brazil

Although the main purpose of Project Amazon is to work and provide audiological services in Parintins, Brazil, this weekend, we made time for some exploration and fun. And what’s the best way to experience the Parintins culture? By boat of course!

FullSizeRender  As Matheus, our interpreter said, “The river is like our father, providing for his children. Without the river, we would not have life.”

We had so much fun going down the Amazon River with Matheus, Luh, the clinic manager and Clau, Luh’s cousin. Since the Brazilian summer is hotter than hot, the cool breeze was very pleasant while on our 6 hour excursion. On this adventure, we saw pink dolphins, hiked through some thick jungle, and even played pool with some young men who had just returned from taking exams at the university. To top it off, we enjoyed a delicious homemade Brazilian lunch of freshly caught fish from the Amazon River. 

But a weekend of exploring, wouldn’t be complete without watching various Brazilian sports.


Pictured above, you can see the arena where many people gather to watch athletes of all ages spar against one another in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). It was an interesting sight to see the variability in ages at this event. From young children just starting out, to adults with black belts and years of experience.


Later, while exploring an Amazon village, we approached a field where many fans were crowded. As we approached, we realized we were heading to a futbol (soccer) field. Just like BJJ, futbol is quite popular in Brazil and this was such a fun opportunity to watch a local match.

It was an eventful weekend to say the least! Stay tuned as we wrap up our time in Parintins, Brazil and Project Amazon 2016.

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