Another busy day at the clinic!  We saw a wide range of patients – from a family who simply wanted to come by to say hello to a little girl (Luna) who was previously diagnosed with a severe to profound hearing loss. She recently lost one hearing aid and we are glad that she did – we conducted a new hearing test using play audiometry and discovered that she actually had much less of a hearing loss – in the moderate to severe range! We fit another set of hearing aids with the more reliable and accurate measurements for the fitting. Her previous hearing aids were pink but we only had blue to offer. Because this clinic is able to provide hearing aids to each and every person who is seen, we were gave her the blue pair and let the family keep the lone pink one as a spare! Mom was happy to have a spare and Luna was happy to have two sparkly-blue hearing aids! Nobody walks away without a hearing aid because of inability to pay – how fortunate this community is to have such support



2 thoughts on “TUESDAY NOVEMBER 13TH

  1. I love this blog already. I just read thgourh it and I have some comments to add later. To me this blog is a breath of fresh air and way past due.

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