The Journey to Parintins, Brazil


We arrived in Manaus, Brazil at 8:30 p.m. after a long day of travel. As we made our way out of the airport, we were met by our wonderful guide, Matheus Pinto. What a blessing to have him here with us! He escorted us to our hotel, Amazonia Tower Hotel, where we had a short rest before meeting him at 5:00 a.m. to head over to the port to catch the speedboat to Parintins. 

A taxi brought us to the docs that were teaming with people: vendors selling fried bananas, fruits, cell phone cords and Brazilian porridge. What a busy place! We boarded the Expresso Fernanda departing for our 10.5 hour journey up the Ramos River to Parintins. Shortly after leaving, we were offered a cup of sweet Brazilian coffee with a breakfast sandwich. During the first four hours of the trip, a young Brazilian woman worked non-stop in a tiny kitchen preparing a wonderful lunch for us complete with chicken, rice, beans, salad and potato salad.

Once we arrived in Parintins, we took a quick taxi ride from the port to Viva o Som Clinic, our home and workspace for the next 12 days. Here, we were greeted by our team: Rildo Galucio Costa, the audiologist, Dona Liu, the clinic director, and Andressa, the housekeeper. We toured the clinic, set our suitcases down, unpacked all of our equipment, and enjoyed a wonderful spread of fruit, juices, cheeses, sandwiches, and cakes. For the remainder of the evening, we will be organizing our supplies and preparing for a full day of work. Based on the smile on Rildo’s face, we could tell how happy he was with all of the hearing aids and supplies Oticon was able to donate to the clinic.

Stay tuned as we prepare for our first day of work, and meet our first patients this week!

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