Take a Tour of the Viva O Som Clinic

Welcome to the Viva O Som Clinic (VoS), located in Parintins, Brazil. This has been our home for the past 2 weeks and where we have provided audiological services to the people of Parintins. Let’s take a tour!

This is the main entrance to the clinic. From here, patients are greeted by the clinic secretary, Luh Printis, who organizes the patient paperwork.

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The consulting room (in the picture below) is where we do all of the testing and all of the hearing aid fittings. This room is equipped with a single-walled sound booth, an audiometer capable of doing air/bone conduction testing and speech testing, and an immittance machine for tympanometry and acoustic reflexes. 

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We were fortunate to have had a wide variety of hearing aids and supplies, considering we saw a wide variety of patients with different degrees of hearing loss. 

On average, we saw around 16 – 20 patients a day, and it was usually evenly divided during the morning and afternoon. From the minute the clinic doors opened each day, there were many patients with family members waiting to be seen. Some of the patients were local (in the city of Parintins) and some traveled long distances from small villages by boat. For this region, VoS is the only place to go in order to receive audiological services. The picture below is of the VoS waiting area. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this inside look of the Viva O Som Clinic. Thanks for stopping by!


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