Today was a great day. We woke up early and ate breakfast at the lode with the other faculty from Wits. Then we went to the lodge across the street where the students were staying and held a workshop where the students from the US and the students from Wits talked about the differences in services and practice in a developed country versus a developing country. After the workshop we all headed to Xanthia to staff the Oticon hearing clinic.

When we arrived in Xanthia Jamie and I toured the new Xanthia medical clinic and went on a walk/tour around the township of Xanthia. We got to hear about the community and interact with the people. After testing and fitting hearing aids at Oticon’s Xanthia Clinic we then headed back to Hazyview and had a Braai (BBQ) with all Wits group. I am sad to say that this is our last day working with the people in Xanthia.

  • If this isn't a dedicated blogger, I don't know what is. Jamie had to sit in the bathroom to charge the battery on the laptop while she wrote her blog.
  • Jackie and Lezanie outside at the Safari lodge waiting to head to Xanthia.
  • Nelly and Thambo (translators for the trip) waiting at the Country Cottage Outlook lodge.
  • Kelli discussing with the students from Wits the differences in audiology services and practices in the US versus South Africa.
  • Mom, Kelli's sister bought this pashmina at Krogers in Texas for less than $10.
  • Everyone loves a little soccer.
  • Services offered at the Xanthia medical clinic.
  • The waiting room at the Xanthia medical clinic.
  • A wheel chair made by the foundation.
  • Touring the village with a few women from the community.
  • Women in the community wanted to show us the Hair Salon where they worked.
  • Jamie was passing out some candy to the children in the community.
  • We heard music and saw an ice cream truck so we had to stop. The two gentlemen in the van were making soft serve ice cream that was delicious.
  • Soccer and ice cream are about the best things anywhere.
  • What a good big brother buying his younger brothers some ice cream.
  • Claire and Liz are performing otoscopy under the tree outside the Xanthia clinic. Dirk and Jugo (designers of the Kudowave) getting ready to test with their equipment.
  • Nelly, Thumbo, and Edmarie (social worker from Wits) are meeting with the youth and finding out more about what is going on in the community.
  • Lezanie and Jamie are working with students from Wits while the granddaughter of the lady being fit with the hearing was translating how to care for her hearing aid.

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