Post 5: Weekend

Saturday, November 22: Finally, we got to sleep in a tiny bit (I think I woke up at 7:30). We spent a leisurely morning exploring the town on Parintins with Davison. We did some shopping and enjoyed the slower pace.

Parintins has a lot of art around town. I love all the alligators…
Ellen and I posing with an ox (the town’s symbol). This black ox is for the blue team, and there is a white ox for the red team. By the way, the English sign in the background was one of only a few English signs I saw while we were there. I don’t think Parintins gets a lot of American/British/Australian tourists.

We got to have lunch in a tiny hole-in-the-wall café by the Amazon River, which was amazing. I barely paid attention to the food (which is rare for me), because we got to see PINK DOLPHINS in the river! It was so neat! Davison told us that the Amazon is one of only two rivers in the world to have freshwater dolphins, and that pink dolphins were only found here in Brazil. It was so fun to watch them playing and catching fish in the water. It was impossible to get a picture of the dolphins—they’re quick little buggers—but I did take some nice shots of the river.

Lunch at the cafe.
Lunch at the cafe.
Amazon River
The view of the Amazon River from our table.
sittying by the river
Just two girls, SITTING RIGHT BY THE RIVER! We’re so grateful to have had this opportunity.


After lunch, Vanessa drove us around the island a bit so that we could see the rest of Parintins. It was interesting to see the more rural side of the town.

white ox
The three amigos, posing with the CORRECT ox, the one for the red team.
lake with no water
Way out on the edge of town. Evidently this whole area floods for about six months of the year. We sat on a dock to enjoy this “lake”… the lake with no water.

Next, we visited the city museum. Parintins is famous for an annual festival centered around a legend involving an man, his pregnant wife, an ox tongue, and a wizard. Davison tells the story better than I do, so I won’t even try. But it’s a BIG DEAL in Parintins, and they have a huuuuge festival to celebrate it. The museum we went to was centered on the history of that festival. It was quite interesting to see all the costumes and displays.

Davison, Ellen, and me (the three amigos) posing on a balcony that overlooks the stadium where the annual festival is held.
Davison, Ellen, and me (the three amigos) posing on a balcony that overlooks the stadium where the annual festival is held.
Doing a little visual examination of the ox’s ears
Parintins museum
Watching a video and soaking up some of the history of Parintins

Sunday, November 23: After a late night out (these Brazilians love to party—Ellen and I couldn’t keep up!), we slept in a tiny bit and then got up to go on a nice little excursion Vanessa planned for us. We took a boat down the river and had a nice picnic on a little island in a lake that’s just off the Amazon. The man who runs the place also had a little farm that we got to visit and see the animals. My favorite part was a little puppy who took a liking to me and Ellen. Also, they had hammocks, and Ellen and I napped the afternoon away. Definitely a fun, relaxing day.

coconut water
Ellen was not so crazy about the coconut water
A puppy! I love him!!
We’re thinking “should we really be standing THIS CLOSE to a beehive??”
Sitting on an old fallen tree with our little puppy friend.
The hammocks! Oh, the hammocks. I instantly fell asleep as soon as I got in mine. It was heavenly.
Amazon sunset
gorgeous sunset over the Amazon River. I will remember this for the rest of my life.


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