Meet Three Patients from the Viva O Som Clinic

As we end our first week at the Viva O Som (VoS) Clinic in Parintins, Brazil, there are so many stories to share of happy patients, whose wait is over for better hearing. We’d like to introduce you to three of them…

 The importance of family

PastedGraphic-1Four years ago, Helena Maria’s daughter had a devastating stroke that paralyzed her on the left side. Keeping the family going has been very trying for Helena Maria, especially because she began to lose her hearing at about the same time. When we saw her today, she explained how the last four years have been a terrible struggle to communicate, just when her daughter has needed her most. After her appointment, a very happy Helena Maria left the clinic with her new hearing aids and a big smile!

She said she has hope in her heart now that she will be able to do a better job taking care of her family, and she will now get wonderful care from Rildo Galucio Costa, the audiologist at VoS.

This is what friends are for

Our second patient to introduce is Theresa, a janitor, who was struggling tremendously with her hearing loss. She felt like people were yelling at her all the time due to her hearing loss and her friend observed this and how it was affecting her. So she decided to do something about it. She brought her to the VoS Clinic today and she received much more than two Oticon hearing aids. The picture is evidence of one happy friend helping improve the quality of life of another.

What else besides hearing aids?

For some patients being served at VoS, hearing aids are not the only solution. Rildo, the sole audiologist at the clinic, recognizes the importance of serving all patients walking through the door. Rildo works closely with local physicians to provide the best patient care for anyone experiencing any discomforts related to the ear. Through her casPastedGraphic-3e history, the team quickly learned that Anna, is profoundly deaf and came into the clinic today because of ear pain. We recommended that Anna see a doctor to treat her ear infection. Anna uses Brazilian Sign Language (BSL) and Rildo encouraged Anna’s mother and family to learn BSL as well, in order to effectively communicate with her. Moving forward, Rildo will continue to provide audiological services to this sweet little girl.

With our first week ending, we are looking forward to continuing our journey, getting to know our hosts, and experiencing more of Brazil.


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