Living With Hearing Loss: Chad Mitchell’s Story

Chad Mitchell is a father, business owner, surfer, snowboarder, and paddle boarder living in South Florida. You wouldn’t know it at first, but he has the hearing equivalence of a 75 year old man and wears hearing aids to help him interact with the world.IMG_0372

“I always thought I had a little issue but never knew to what degree. I assumed everyone was listening at my level. The ghosts of girlfriends past would call it selective hearing. People at parties would always ask me why I was yelling.

I finally met with a doctor, but I didn’t think I would be walking out with the news I was given. They told me I had lost 50% of my hearing and I would need hearing aids for the rest of my life. Then they told me the cost and that insurance wouldn’t cover them, so this expense would be with me forever.”

IMG_3191 (1)As a parent, Chad’s hearing loss has posed some challenges but he credits hearing aids with helping him spend real quality time with his six year old daughter, Makayla.

“As a parent, the worst part is not being able to hear your little person. When you have a little person in your life they become your whole world, and you don’t want to miss a thing he or she says, so it’s so important to make sure everything is tuned right. Makayla’s gotten used to my hearing loss and she is patient with me. It’s endearing, but I wish she didn’t need to be. Hearing aids have really helped though and have opened up my world to everything I was missing.”

As Chad continues to grow with his hearing loss, he never minds
answering people’s questions. He actually believes that his youth makes him more approachable to people who want to know more about the condition.

“People don’t expect someone as young as me to have hearing aids so I think people feel more comfortable asking me about it. I’m totally fine with it and I’m always willing to talk about my electronic bling.”  


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