JULY 30, 2010

After a 15 hour flight, I arrived safely in Johannesburg!  I was greeted at the airport by someone from our lodge.  After exchanging US dollars for SA Rand, I was ready to go, and my driver took me to the Outlook Lodge, where Julie and I are staying for the evening.  I enjoyed seeing as much of Johannesburg as possible on the drive from the airport, but my view was somewhat limited as it was already evening and dark-so I look forward to exploring tomorrow!

Upon arrival to the lodge, I was greeted by the innkeeper, Francouis, who showed me to my room.  I was happy to get settled in!  Once I started unpacking, I noticed that my husband had hidden little notes of encouragement all throughout my luggage, including a packet of letters for me to open, with one for each day of my trip!  After getting settled, I ventured back into the common area of the lodge where I spent part of the evening by the fireplace chatting with another guest from Norway and Francouis.  Julie arrived a little later and we have enjoyed getting to know each other!

Tomorrow we look forward to exploring around Johannesburg a little bit before heading out!

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