I rushed to the airport to be on time only to find my flight was delayed a few hours because the President’s plane (Air Force One) was at the Newark airport. How’s that for the start of a mission trip?

What a day! Chris and I woke up early and headed to DC. I needed to meet someone to pick up equipment for the trip and Chris wanted to put in some hours before taking me to the airport. As usual we were listening to NPR and one of the newscasters was talking about how President Obama was going to give a talk in New Jersey and what this might do for his popularity. I really didn’t think much of it until I got to the airport and was delayed two hours because of a TAR. TAR?هI had to ask someone what that meant.هI feel like I should have known considering the field of Audiology loves their acronyms.هTurns out there was a Temporary Air Restriction for all flights headed to Newark due to Air Force One’s arrival.هI was pretty nervous about the delay because I needed to catch a connecting flight to Munich that leftه15 minutes after our expected arrival.هLuckily the pilot was able to get us into Newark 35 minutes until my next flight so I ran through the airport like I was on the show Amazing Race.هToo bad someone didn’t film me.هThat would have been a sight. My backpack is half my size and so I am sure I looked like a tourist that didn’t know what she was doing. The plane was almost fully boarded but I am happy to report that that I was not the last passenger to board.هGood thing for that last sprint at the end.هFor those of you who know I hate running or exercise for that matter stop laughing….


I can’t thank Brian enough for meeting me at the last minute.هBiocoustics generously agreed to loan me a portable OAE/ABR unit and two audiometers for the team to use in South Africa.هUnfortunately, Biran and I were not able to meet earlier so Brian was kind enough to drive all the way from Baltimore in rush hour traffic just to bring me the equipment.هTHANKS A MILLION Brian! I seriously can’t thank him enough for going out of his way to bring me the equipment before I left for Johannesburg.

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