An Amazon River Adventure

A little over two 2 months ago, Brazil was not on my horizon. That is when I heard about Project Amazon. The Oticon Foundation and AAA Foundation announced sponsorship for one audiologist and one graduate student to participate in an audiology outreach project in a remote area of Brazil. I jumped on it and applied. Late September I learned that I was accepted along with Libbey Gollhofer,  one of our graduate students from the University of Washington.  Wow – I was so excited and thrilled to be offered the opportunity! So here we are November 9th, starting this adventure. Getting there is a long trek –a red eye flight to Miami with an 11 hour layover and then a 5 hour flight to Manaus, Brazil. After a day in Manaus, a 1.5 hour evening flight to Parintins on the Amazon River.  To put that in perspective, the only other option for reaching Parintins is an 18 hour boat ride. Yes, feeling very fortunate that I will be able to fly there…..

The-rivers-meet Rio_Negro_and_Rio_Solimoes_In_a_Cup Local_Fruit IMG_6501

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