I finally arrived in Johannesburg today at 8:35 am. The flight on South African Airlines was not as comfortable as my flights on Continental, but we left on time and arrived early in Johannesburg.  Stupidly I gave up my aisle seat and ended up sitting in an aisle seat next to a not so nice person who snored the whole time. I didn’t end up getting much sleep on the way to Johannesburg so when I finally arrived in Johannesburg I was a bit tired from the 28 hour flight. هWhen I arrived at the airport I was surprised at how much nicer it was compared to when I had stopped there in 2005.ه All the work done for the World Cup was very well done.ه I went though customs and immigration in less than 20 minutes and didn’t have to wait in any lines to change my dollars to rands.ه I even had time to rent a phone to be able to text throughout South Africa before Tom, Jackie’s husband, picked me up to do some sightseeing.ه

Sightseeing with Tom and Martin was a absolute blast.ه Martin is a native of South Africa and was kind enough to drive Tom and me to Lesedi, the Lion Park, and a wonderful restaurant called Moyo.ه The people who live in the villiage of Lesedi performed their native dances and then provided us with a wonderfully delicious braai. The Lion Park had to be my favorite part of the day.ه While we were driving through the park we witnessed a lion jumping on top of a small vehicle and ripping off the windshield wiper with her teeth.

You dont' need this windshield wiper, it doesn't rain much here.
You dont’ need this windshield wiper, it doesn’t rain much here.

It was funny to see the lion run off with the windshield wiper between her teeth.ه After observing the adult lions we went to pet the baby cubs.ه At first I was excited about petting the cute little cubs, but after one stood on his hind legs and almost pushed me down to the ground to play I had just about enough.ه All I could think was “audiologist looses ear in South Africa after attempting to play with lion cubs.”

I thought they said this was a baby cub!ف What's for dinner, Mexican?
I thought they said this was a baby cub!ف What’s for dinner, Mexican?
Cast for Lion King III.
Lion KING!
Whart are you looking at?
Martin and Tom at Lesedi.
Lesedi native tribal dancers.
Lesedi native tribal dancers.
Martin, a native of South Africa, is showing us his warrior dance.
Martin, a native of South Africa, is showing us his warrior dance.

After the Lion Park we met up with Jackie for dinner at Moyo restaurant.فJackie and her husband celebrated an early anniversary since Jackie will be traveling through South Africa and Tom had to head back to the states the following day.ف


Jackie, Tom, and Martin were kind enough to drive me back to the Outlook Lodge in Benoni so that I could finally meet my roommate Jamie, the other audiologist who won the Oticon/AAAF raffle.ف In an attempt to get ready for the next day, Jamie and I worked on figuring out how to use our adapters and converters so that we could charge all of our electronics.فUnfortunately, we blew out the hair dryer more than once but finally were able to get everything all charged up.


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