Free Time: November 22 & 23, 2014

November 22, 2014

Yesterday morning Dr. Bondurant, Davison, and I did some souvenir shopping.  We had a lot of fun and bought some great gifts for family and friends.  We took some pictures around town and outside shops.


Then we had the most amazing lunch at a restaurant on the Amazon River.  We saw a ton of pink and grey dolphins!

IMG_1480 IMG_1492

After lunch, Vanessa met us and drove us around the island so that we could see more of Parintins.  There was a little dancing along the way.  IMG_1508

Then we went to the Parintins Museum.  Davison had previously told us about the festival that happens in Parintins every June.  It is centered around an old story.  The story goes that a pregnant woman was really craving some ox tongue.  Her loving husband went out and killed an ox so he could satiate his wife’s craving.  The farmer found his dead ox and was extremely sad.  The husband felt very bad, so they called upon a wizard to bring the ox back to life.  The ox came back to life and everyone was happy!  That is the gist.  This festival and this story is huge in Parintins.  There are two teams, the red team (Davison’s team) and the blue team.  The red team is represented by a white ox with a red heart on it’s head.  The blue team is represented by a black ox with a blue star on it’s head.  The museum was all about the festival.  I would love to come in June when the festival is happening!

IMG_1511 DSC03585

Last night we had dinner with Vanessa, Luh, and Davison.  We got to see more of the culture of Parintins.  It was great to go out with everyone.



November 23, 2014

Today we went to the beach!  It was beautiful and restful.



We went to a farm too.  The parrots said my name, and we found the cutest puppy, Pulga!

DSC03619 DSC03622 DSC03627 DSC03633

It was a great weekend spent with great people!  I don’t want to leave!

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