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At the Oticon Hearing Foundation, it’s our goal to promote and foster a Community of Caring. Our vision is to empower volunteers from all over the world, including some of our very own staff. We’re excited to shine a light on some of the inspiring humanitarian work our colleagues are doing in our new interview series – Community of Caring.

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Angela Lalla is an audiologist at Oticon who recently completed her third trip to Ghana, Africa with Americans Serving Abroad Project (A.S.A.P.).

The organization is a non-profit dedicated to improving the health and education of resource-limited rural communities in Ghana. Her trip included an array of volunteers, from nursing students to high school students to doctors and audiologists.

Day to day the group screened for high blood pressure and diabetes, provided fluoride treatments for children and looked into intestinal issues.

While Ghana’s national language is English, the group relied on volunteers from Ghana who knew the native language of the community as well as English and could, therefore, serve as interpreters.

“Someone would help me explain an eye test and then run over to work with a nurse who was doing education on medication. In terms of logistics, there’s always questions like, are we working in a school building? Or under a tree?”


While conditions in rural areas can complicate activity, Angela notes that she does this humanitarian work because it grounds her and helps develop a strong appreciation for what she has.

“I feel good about it and I feel like we make a difference on more of a person to person level.” 

Interested in Volunteering?image001 (6)
A.S.A.P. welcomes all volunteers. While it is based on the pillar of medical care, volunteers from all occupations have been able to play a part. For more information, visit their website:

“Sometimes you feel like…I’m not a doctor. I can’t help. I’m not a nurse. I can’t help. But everyone can play a part.”

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