Clinic: November 19 & 20, 2014

November 19, 2014

This morning there was a new addition to breakfast, fried bananas.  They are so good!  I almost ate the entire plate.  Of course, Vanessa took our morning breakfast picture with two different cameras haha.  I love Vanessa.  She has been excellent at documenting our trip!


Today we saw 8 patients in clinic.  One patient came in complaining that could constantly hear a low hum that interfered with him understanding speech.  The hearing aids he had were too strong for his degree of loss, so we fit him with a more appropriate pair.  He was very happy with his new hearing aids.  We really enjoyed him and his wife.  They were so nice.  We think he would be a good candidate for the Streamer Pro.  Oticon recently donated Streamer Pros to the clinic to give to select patients who could benefit from this technology.


We saw an 8 year old boy who is Deaf.  He was sooo cute!  We were going to fit him with new hearing aids today, but we could not get the hearing aids (HAs) to connect to the computer.  While Dr. Bondurant and Rildo were trying to program the new HAs, Davison and I played with the 8 year old.  At first he was a little shy, but then he showed me some cards he had and even tested my hearing.  We had a lot of fun!  He will have to come back to get his new HAs though.

DSC03323 IMG_1417

We saw the older gentlemen again today who we decided to fit with an open fit HA on the better ear.  To our amazement, once the HA was on, he immediately started responding and answering our questions!  This patient shows just how rewarding audiology is.  Many times hearing loss can look like something else.  In this case, everyone seemed to think that the patient had dementia, but it was really his hearing loss that was preventing him from responding appropriately and communicating with others.  Dr. Bondurant said, “Welcome back.”  We were all touched.  Dr. Bondurant and I may have cried a little.  We plan to get a full test on him once he has listened with his new HA for several weeks.


For dinner, Davison and I rode on Vanessa’s moped to go get some pizza.  Dr. Bondurant and I wanted to get mushrooms on our pizza.  When we asked for mushrooms, Davison laughed.  Apparently mushrooms aren’t really a pizza topping in Brazil.  Peas are though, and people typically put ketchup on their pizza.  The pizza was very sweet, but good.  Riding on the moped was fun!  Everyone has mopeds; there are very few cars in Parintins.



November 20, 2014

Today Dr. Bondurant and I were interviewed by a local radio station!  Davison did a wonderful job translating.  We were able to express how happy we are to be here in Parintins and how much we love working here at the clinic.  The people are the best part.  Vanessa, Luh, Rildo, and Davison have made our experience wonderful so far.  The are our second family now.  Also, all the of the patients have been so appreciative and friendly.  It has been such a wonderful experience.  I can’t believe we only have one more day of clinic!


This afternoon we gave out 3 Streamer Pros to a 16 year-old girl, a 16 year-old boy, and an 11 year-old girl.  They were all very excited to receive their streamers!

DSC03437 DSC03429 DSC03414

I also got to modify some earmolds today.  Rildo was eager to see my earmold modifying technique.  It was another great day in clinic!


On the food front, it was also another great day.  We had all 3 meals at clinic.  Yum!  For lunch we had a beautiful desert.  Luh is so sweet!


After dinner tonight Vanessa asked if we would be able to stay for another week and continue working in the clinic.  We explained that we would love to, but that we needed to get home due to family and the holidays.  It was so sweet that they asked us to stay!  We told Vanessa that we definitely plan on coming back!


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