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I can’t believe the trip is over!  This was truly a life changing experience.  I have never participated in a humanitarian mission in another country before, and I have never experienced another culture like this.  There were so many wonderful things about this trip, but my favorite part was the people.  Everyone was so warm, caring, and friendly.  I love Davison, Luh, Vanessa, and Rildo.  They are our Brazilian family.

DSC03352 DSC03738 IMG_1456

We also had some very special patients in clinic that touched our hearts.  It was a pleasure to serve the Parintins community.

DSC03555 IMG_1467


I also feel extremely fortunate that I was able to share this experience with my amazing mentor, Dr. Bondurant.  It definitely would not have been the same without her.


It was sad to say goodbye, but we plan on coming back!

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