AUGUST 5, 2010

Wow what a day!!!  We started out very early…leaving the farm at 6am to get on the road to Hazyview.  We were informed that it could take 6-7 hours by microbus to get there, so we wanted to get an early start.  We had a nice drive and saw a beautiful sunrise on our way and enjoyed seeing more different areas of South Africa as our driver took us through some very windy mountainous roads!  It started to feel like a roller coaster ride for a bit as the roads twisted and turned, but we had some pretty breathtaking views as a result of enduring those roads, so it was worth it!  Our day ended up becoming quite long as we had a little difficulty finding our lodge, but after finally stopping and getting directions we made it!  Our accommodations here at the Hazyview Country Cottages are quite nice, we have 3 cottages with several bedrooms, bathrooms with toilets (this is for Sara’s Mom), running water, and each cottage has a kitchen with refrigerator and sink!  After getting settled, we got back in several vans to take part in a night game drive at Kruger Park with the students of the Witz students.  Unfortunately, the people at Kruger Park were unhappy that we were missing a few of the Witz students that were not feeling well and decided not to go on the game drive and they were refusing to take us on the game drive unless we had the exact number of people present to participate.we were only missing 6 out of like 40!  After a very heated discussion, compromise was reached, and we were able to get on our game tour.  It was amazing how when we started the game tour we did not need jackets, to the end of the game tour I was wearing two jackets, gloves, and a scarf! The game drive was fun, we saw elephants, rhinos, rabbits, and possible loins,  After we finished the game drive,  we enjoyed a dinner at the dining hall at our cottages and met some of the faculty from the University of Witzersand that are also staying here as we will be working with their students tomorrow at the Oticon Xanthia Clinic.




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