Arrival: November 15 & 16, 2014

We got into Manaus late last night around midnight.  We met Davison, our translator, for the first time.  He picked us up at the airport with a driver and helped us check-in at the hotel.  Davison was very sweet and welcoming!  He looks so young, but who am I to talk.  A man on our plane to Manaus started asking Dr. Bondurant about our trip and thought that I was her 14 year old daughter!  When we got into Manaus it was too late to exchange our money, but thankfully one of the hotel staff working the front desk was able to exchange our money for us.  We were very tired from traveling all day, so we went straight to bed.  We thought our hotel room didn’t have air conditioning, but when we laid down I spotted this:

An air conditioner!  We were pretty happy.  This was the view from our hotel room this morning.  You can see the Manaus Opera House.  Davison is a tour guide there.  He is going to give us a tour next Monday when we are back in Manaus.


We had breakfast with Davison at the hotel, and then we flew to Parintins.  Driving to the airport we saw a little bit of Manaus.  The buildings are so colorful.  Here is our little plane and the tiny Parintins airport!



When we arrived to the clinic, we met Vanessa, the clinic manager, and Luh, the clinic cook.  They were both extremely nice and welcoming.  We got a tour of the clinic and went over the itinerary for today and tomorrow.  The clinic is very nice, and I love the outdoor eating area.  For lunch today, Dr. Bondurant, Vanessa, Davison, Luh, and I went to the Amazon Hotel.  We sat by the pool and had a nice meal with live music.  Davison commented that he doesn’t like this style of music when he is relaxing because it is so sad.  Dr. Bondurant and I had no idea.  It sounded so happy!  Dr. Bondurant, Davison, and I took some pictures with the sculptures outside of the Amazon Hotel.  We had a lot of fun!  I’m looking forward to seeing patients tomorrow.


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