An Inspiring Video Sharing the Gift of Hearing in Guatemala

Dr. Kamal Elliot grew up in India where she often witnessed situations where people needed help but didn’t have the means to access it. That experience has inspired her to use her audiology career to help others in developing countries.

“If we help each other, the world is a better place.” Kamal Elliot

The Oticon Hearing Foundation donated hearing devices for her trip to Guatemala this past January, where she traveled with 13 audiologists and 14 students to the Panajachel area with the Entheos Audiology Cooperative to bring hearing care to those in need.

In total, the group helped 546 people in one week, cleaning ears, removing foreign objects and diagnosing hearing loss, and even fitting 70 people with hearing devices.

She shared some of her experience via video, highlighting her journey through Guatemala. Watch the video below to see the impact hearing can make on an individual and community.

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