A Day At The Clinic

After a long day in clinic, I am amazed at how incredible the work is that we are doing for the people of Parintins! Today we saw at least 12 people, and 7 of them walked out with hearing aids or received ear impressions for them. I was very proud of William for taking on the task of doing Word Discrimination testing! There was no way either of us (Lena or I) could pronounce the words accurately, and for better reliability, we needed someone who actually spoke the language to do it. While one of us covered his mouth, he went through the list of words and kept count of incorrect/correct words. He did a great job and it was fun to work as a team!

Another patient came in and said her hearing aids were not working anymore. After I checked her hearing aids, I noticed she had them on the wrong ear! After re-counseling on which aid is for what ear, blue is for the left ear and red is for the right, she was very happy that it was an easy fix. We had William write it down for her so she would remember.

Two other patients were husband and wife. As Lena was removing some hard cerumen out of the husband’s ear, I was testing his wife in the booth. She also mentioned dizziness in her case history and was one of the patients Lena did not only BPPV testing with the Dix Hallpike, but also performed the Epley maneuver to treat her. They were both very happy at the end of their appointments.


It’s incredible to see that patients will return for questions and follow-up. In this area, because some people live 10 hours away by boat, coming back to the clinic is very difficult and does not happen as often as an audiologist would prefer. Therefore, anytime we had a patient come back to ask questions, we were so grateful for their dedication.

To end our day, we headed to Point Fashion, a restaurant in a local food square. We ordered a variety of rice, beans, fish and beef. It was way more than I expected, and all very delicious! I’ll take it!


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