Managua, Nicaragua

rosario12 year old twins Rosario & Esmeralda live in Nicaragua.  They were born at 29 weeks, began babbling at 7 months and began walking at 13 months after receiving therapy. Recently the girls were notified that they would not allowed be to continue attending school without hearing instruments.



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Fitting New Hearing Instruments - with Dr. Simon, Audiologist Anneli Ahl...


This was really a very touching thing.  The family was so excited.  As sent from Thursday night, they were waiting for us with flowers when we arrived.  Everyone was there early on Thursday and eager with anticipation.  We were fortunate to work in the office of Anneli Ahlers Cuadra, M.A.  Read More



Just wanted to give a short update. Many pic and videos to follow. The audiologist here used to work in Miami and sells mostly Oticon. She is an amazing person who almost gives the aids away so people can be helped. The girls immediately noticed they could hear. At 500Hz, Read More



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Cindy Ann Simon received her Master’s in Audiology in 1978 from Wayne State University and her AuD in 2000 from the University of Florida.  Her interests in audiology run the gamut from pediatrics to geriatrics, from diagnostic testing to tinnitus and misophonia.  She volunteers on a number of boards, including Read More