Kath & Erika testingThis is the13th year of working with the underserved of Southern Africa (from 1998 – 2008 Mozambique and 2009 & 2010 South Africa) who are deaf or suffer from hearing loss.ف فThe focus of the mission has always been to build relationship and leave substance by engaging with local professionals in the program which includes: school screenings (for incidence/prevalence measures); community hearing clinics to identify and refer those with remediable hearing loss as well as dispense hearing aids according to the World Health Organization guidelines; and enrich the local deaf education programs.ف This year’s hearing health care team will travel from Johannesburg west to the Vredeforte Dome area to work in local schools and health clinics, then we will travel east to Mpumalanga Province (which borders with Mozambique) at Bushbuckridge where we will connect with ~30 Audiology students and faculty from U. Witwatersrand to work in local schools and other health clinics (one of which is Xanthia Program).



  • DAY 4

    This morning we went to visit two schools in Parintins that serve children with special needs.  The first school, Glauber Viana Goncalves, has students of all ages with a variety of disabilities, suc..Read more

  • DAY 3

    Today was a very busy day at the clinic with a big variety of different patients.  We saw two individuals with profound hearing loss who were fit with their very first hearing aids today--they seemed..Read more

  • DAY 1

    Our first day in Brazil has been very exciting--and exhausting.  Martha and I landed in Manaus at midnight after traveling for the past 24 hours, so we went right to sleep.  We woke up early to take..Read more

  • DAY 2

    Our first day at the clinic here in Parintins was amazing.  We woke up to a huge breakfast, courtesy of the wonderful staff here.  We had different types of fruit, eggs, local cheese, and some local..Read more