Goodbye Project Amazon 2015

As we begin to ready ourselves for 2016, we say goodbye to Project Amazon 2015 that brought us to Parintins, Brazil to bring sustainable hearing care to those in need. Our last day in Parintins was bittersweet. We ate our final breakfast, packed up our belongings and went straight to the hammocks for our last bit of relaxation before our long day of travel. We said our goodbyes to everyone, Liu (our wonderful cook), Vanessa (the clinic receptionist), and Rildo. Not to mention our driver (and Read More »

Testing & Dispensing Hearing Aids To Our First Patient

There was a long line of people at the clinic, but one of our first patients was waiting far before the clinic was even open. The woman shared her hearing difficulties and pressure from her family members with us, so we tested her hearing. The hearing test revealed she would be a candidate for Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids. We fit her right away, which was really fantastic, because in a typical situation a person is tested, then the goes to a separate hearing aid consultation where the hearing Read More »

A Day At The Clinic

After a long day in clinic, I am amazed at how incredible the work is that we are doing for the people of Parintins! Today we saw at least 12 people, and 7 of them walked out with hearing aids or received ear impressions for them. I was very proud of William for taking on the task of doing Word Discrimination testing! There was no way either of us (Lena or I) could pronounce the words accurately, and for better reliability, we needed someone who actually spoke the language to do it. While one Read More »