Cynthia L. Frey, BA is currently a third year AuD student at Gallaudet University. Cynthia is focusing her coursework on the pediatric emphasis track and has already earned an early intervention certificate specifically for working with families of deaf and hard of hearing infants and toddlers. She greatly enjoys working with people from different cultures and joining with other professionals in a collaborative approach to hearing and balance healthcare.




  • NOVEMBER 21, 2013

    I'm very humbled by my experiences here. The patients whom I serve emanate humility. Julia said it well with, "they are simple and live a simple life." They're very practical and it's refreshing to wo..Read more

  • NOVEMBER 20, 2013

    18th Century Medicine   Another really long and rewarding day. Today was fabulous in the sense that there was a nice mix of adults and kids! I also learned a valuable lesson in that I enjoy..Read more

  • NOVEMBER 19, 2013

      You know you're in the right line of work when you have a 15 hour work day and enjoyed every patient - every minute of it and you're feeling rejuvenated.   Today was awesome. Ther..Read more

  • NOVEMBER 18, 2013

    The reward in the frustration. Today has been the most frustrating & rewarding challenge I have ever faced. It goes beyond the language barriers (I did a pretty good job of breaking those down) and..Read more

  • NOVEMBER 17, 2013

    Another Day in Paradise I made it to Parintins! & they say Montgomery Ctr, VT is small (ok so it is still smaller but Parintins is small)! I love it here. It is still so very hot and muggy but ..Read more

  • NOVEMBER 16, 2013

    Monkeys, reptiles, & bananas o my (that is pretty much what today consisted of) Julia and I landed in Manaus late last night/early this morning. I was talking with the man behind me in the cust..Read more


    Title: A New Chapter I read a quote somewhere that says something like, "without traveling you're only ever reading the same chapter." I am fortunate enough to have a vast and varied chapter book &..Read more