Today was a very busy day at the clinic with a big variety of different patients.  We saw two individuals with profound hearing loss who were fit with their very first hearing aids today–they seemed a little overwhelmed by the sound but were excited to hear environmental sounds.  One little girl just came by because she heard there were volunteers and she was excited to meet us.  We gave her stickers and a tee shirt, and she gave us lots of hugs.  We wished that all patients could be this easy to please!

We spent a large part of the day with a little girl named Luna who is five years old.  She’s worn hearing aids for some time now but came to the clinic because she recently lost one of them.  Her hearing aids were programmed using a BAER test that was done when she was much younger that showed a profound hearing loss, but Luna had never participated in a behavioral test.  We worked with Pedro on play audiometry and were able to get a full test–air and bone conduction–and found that she only had a moderate to severe hearing loss!  Her mom was happy to hear the results of the test and we were able to program her hearing aids appropriately.  Luna was possibly the cutest child I’ve ever seen and we were thrilled to get to spend so much time with her.

IMGP2310 IMGP2311 IMGP2316 IMGP2322

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