Volunteer audiologists bring the gift of hearing to Alaska with OtiCongress 2018, part 1

Last month, more than 100 U.S. hearing care professionals participated in a week-long event called OtiCongress 2018. The event, held in Anchorage Alaska, created a unique platform for hearing care professionals to combine professional development with the opportunity to put their professional expertise to work to benefit Native Alaskan children and adults. Educational sessions during the week talked about the latest hearing healthcare research, technology, and trends while a series of humanitarian Read More »

Audiology training is initiated in Ethiopia through the Ethio American Hearing Project

Ethiopia is a country with over 100 million people, boasting a size twice that of Texas. In keeping with many countries in Sub Saharan Africa, Ethiopia has a chronic lack of hospitals and doctors, particularly hearing care professionals. Witnessing this need first hand after traveling to the country, Dr. Miriam Redleaf, a neurotologist at the University of Illinois Hospital and expert in otology, started the Ethio American Hearing Project. The organization works to provide education and support Read More »

An Inside Look Into a Hearing Loss Humanitarian Mission to Zambia, Africa

In the southern region of Africa resides Zambia, a developing nation of 17 million people with incredibly rich and diverse culture. Although this area is home to many, it has but one audiologist to serve the entire community. This past June, the Oticon Hearing Foundation supplied 400 hearing instruments and batteries to a hearing loss mission in Zambia, Africa with Entheos Audiology Cooperative. Audiologists and other volunteers from around the U.S., including Ashley and Braden Baker, came together Read More »