Singer/Songwriter Jonathan Hutcherson and Oticon’s Liz Diaz sing for a good cause: Love Makes the World Go Round

Last month, singer/songwriter Jonathan Hutcherson, a 2018 Oticon Focus on People Award winner and Oticon hearing aid user, performed with Oticon Account Manager Liz Diaz at a benefit concert for the non-profit A&E Hearing Connection. The organization, created by Dr. Kamal Elliot, provides hearing aids for low-income families both in the U.S. and on overseas humanitarian relief trips.

Jonathan and Liz sang an inspirational song they co-wrote about their experiences on a recent humanitarian mission to Guatemala. The two performers wrote the song while working in a hearing clinic with other volunteers, fitting children and adults with hearing devices donated by the Oticon Hearing Foundation. “The sense of love and community seemed to be all around us,” says Liz.


Their song, “Love Makes the World Go Round,” describes their experiences on the mission trip and the powerful inspiration it has been for both of them.  Liz called the collaboration process “a natural expression of what was happening around us. It was a lot of fun. Jonathan is an incredible musician and really dedicated to making sure the message felt clear and yet universal.”The second verse, which offers a perspective of the long-term impact of the trip, was written later, the day before it was officially recorded last month.

Liz hopes that the song’s universal theme will show people that everyone has the chance to make an impact. “Everyone has the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. You just have to be willing to say yes,” she explains. “You don’t have to be in the right position, know someone, or necessarily feel equipped to make a difference. We are all much more similar than we will ever really know. Love really does make the world go round — beyond language, and cultural nuances. It’s amazing what happens when you open yourself up to it.”

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