My time spent in South Africa will be forever memorable. I am sincerely grateful to Oticon and the American Academy of Audiology Foundation for giving me the opportunity to once again work with Dr. Jackie Clark and her team of humanitarian audiologists. Working alongside such amazing professionals, students, and the people of South Africa is one that I wish every audiologist has the chance to experience. When in Africa working with Jackie I always learn something about myself and what I can accomplish as an audiologist. The ability to think outside the box and use what is available to get the job done has taught me to appreciate all that we have in the US and think about how lucky we are to have the privilege of not worrying about the most basic necessities of running water, shelter, toilets, and electricity before providing our services. I have been fortunate to travel to South Africa twice to provide hearing healthcare services and came to find out this past trip that it doesn’t get any easier leaving the children and people of South Africa without wishing that you could have done more or just stayed a few more days/weeks/months longer.

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