jamieJamie and I feasted at the Outlook Lodge for breakfast before heading to Africa Centre Lodge to meet up with the other team members.  We ended up arriving at the Africa Centre Lodge a few minutes late because the driver at the Outlook lodge was running late.

Fortunately the inn’s keeper decided that he would go ahead and drive us down the street so that we would not have to drive with all of our luggage.ه When we arrived at the Africa Centre Lodge there was no micro bus or team members from our group waiting for us.هه

Johan and some of the team members that were staying at the Africa Centre Lodge left without us and went to the airport to pick up luggage that arrived late. Jamie and I barely missed them by only a few seconds. We actually passed the micro bus driving out of the lodge but didn’t know it was them because we had not met any of the members prior.هه

When we found out that the group had just left, we had to return to the Outlook lodge and wait for the shuttle driver to take us to the airport.ه All of the staff at the Outlook Lodge were so accommodating and went out of their way to get us to the airport.ه Jamie and I were even a little scared as the shuttle sped on the highway so that we could try and meet up with our team.هه

Luckily I had rented a cell phone at the airport the day prior so was able to contact Jackie, the team leader, and ask for the Johan’s (bus driver) cell number to call him and try to meet up.ه Fortunately, we were able to meet up with the team and all was all right.ه I swear it was like another day on the Amazing Race!


Once meeting up with the team we went and toured the Chris Hanna Baragwanath hospital and Sowoto.ه While in Soweto we visited Nelson Mandela’s home and memorial children killed in the Soweto riots in June 16, 1976.

Our team minus one :(.ه From left: Jamie, Aryel, Annie, Sara, Liz, Claire, Julie, not picture Kelli who was stuck in DC and Jackie who was giving a lecture).
Audiologist Danny!
New ABR machine!ه No Wires!

facility member1After we finished sightseeing we headed for Parys so that we could buy some food for dinner and breakfast to eat at the farm that we would be staying at while working in A.ه Our team was fortunate to be hosted by Dr. Dirk Koekemoer at his family’s farm outside of Parys.ه

The Koekemoer family farm outside of Parys.
The view from the porch was amazing!
Watching the sunset on the farm.

Instead of having to make dinner we all opted for eating out.ه Johan the shuttle driver suggested we eat at Spurs in Parys.ه Spurs is a cross between Tex-Mex, Chili’s and Applebee’s. It is amazing that you can find fajitas and quesadillas almost anywhere.ه The only difference is that they are pronounced “faGitas” and “qwesadilas”.




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