This morning we ate breakfast with the supervisors for the group from the University of Witwatersrand.  Then we picked up the students (about 30) from the Kruger Adventure Park lodge across the street and head to Xanthia. The students at the University of Witwatersrand are in a four year post high school dual audiology and speech language pathology program. Our team split up and worked with the Witwatersrand  during the day at either the primary schools, preschools, or Xanthia clinic. Hearing screenings were administered at the primary and preschools.  At the Xanthia clinic individuals from the community, who had heard by word of mouth and through radio announcements about the hearing clinic, came to have their hearing checked.  Approximately 50  people were tested with a full diagnostic work up completed diagnostic testing and about 15 people were fit with hearing.  Our team can’t thank Hamilton (the community worker) for the use of his clinic and help organizing, Lezani (general manager of Oticon South Africa) for the hearing aid donations and materials to make earmolds, and Thabo (the director of an NGO in Soweto, and Nelly (a librarian from Soweto) who helped translate for us.

  • Jackie, Claire and Jamie packing up the car after a long day testing and fitting hearing aids at the clinic.
  • Jackie finally finished cerement management. I think she must have cleared out 30 ears today.
  • Aryel playing with one of the school children.
  • The team with Hamilton and Thambo on the jungle gym at the Xanthia Clinic.
  • Annie and Lezanie (head of Oticon South Africa) are instructing on the care and maintenance of the hearing aid they just dispensed while Nelly (translator/librarian from Soweto) is translating for them.
  • Jamie is making sure that the earmold is place properly in the patients ear.
  • Sara is giving instructions to a Wits student on how to connect the hearing aid to the NoahLink.
  • Annie searching for the serial number on a behind-the-ear hearing aid she was fitting.
  • Sara helping one of the Wits students program a hearing aid.
  • Wits students making their first instamold for a community member who is deaf and blind.
  • Lukas (salesman for the Geo Aaaxon)ه Magdalena (works on the eleaudiology network)
  • Jamie is programming this young mother’s hearing aid while Thambo translates for her.
  • Jamie showing off our VERY healthy lunch.
  • Jamie and I outside the Oticon Hearing Clinic in Xanthia.
  • Hamilton (the community worker in Xanthia), Edmarie (a social worker and faculty member at Wits), and a community member setting up in the tailor for cerumen management and hearing aid fittings.
  • Thambo (translator) and some of the Wits students before going off to their placements for the day.
  • Lezanie getting equipment out of her working vehicle.
  • Julie, Lezanie, and Jamie standing outside the Oticon Hearing Clinic before beginning to dispense hearing aids to the community members.
  • The Wits students are getting ready to split up and either go to the preschools and screen or stay at the Oticon Xanthia Clinic and test and fit hearing aids.
  • Aryel, Claire, Kelli, and Liz are getting ready to set up the equipment at the Oticon Xanthia clinic.
  • Ty (one of the drivers for the South African tam) waiting outside the Xanthia Clinic.
  • The new Xanthia clinic is very nice.
  • Xanthia Clinic’s old building.
  • Johan (the bus driver) telling us, “My gut is telling me that it is this way, but I have no idea.”
  • Caravanning from the lodge to Xanthia Clinic.

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