Testing & Dispensing Hearing Aids To Our First Patient

There was a long line of people at the clinic, but one of our first patients was waiting far before the clinic was even open. The woman shared her hearing difficulties and pressure from her family members with us, so we tested her hearing. The hearing test revealed she would be a candidate for Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids. We fit her right away, which was really fantastic, because in a typical situation a person is tested, then the goes to a separate hearing aid consultation where the hearing aid is ordered, and then we wait for it to be delivered before the patient finally gets fitted at the hearing aid dispense appointment. Here in Parintins, Brazil the resources for this type of appointment and follow-up is limited. The Oticon Hearing Foundation donated so many hearing aids it allowed Lena and I to program and dispense them immediately following patient testing. It was like  –baddabing-baddaboom!

This woman waited patiently as we connected her hearing aids to the software and adjusted the programming to her thresholds. She was very happy with the outcome! Finally she could hear again, and felt relief. She was one of our first patients that we tested/dispensed hearing aids to, so it was a great way to begin an incredible adventure.


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