Packing For Parintins, Brazil: Project Amazon 2015


So what does one pack if you’re leaving for the Amazon in 24 hours?

Well, Audiologist Mia Canale knows to bring plenty of bug spray, a pop up hammock—and, of course, a selfie stick. It’s going to be a long travel day tomorrow but as Mia said, “It will be so worth it once I see the first patient. I just had to take a step back and reflect on how grateful I am to embark on this opportunity. I’ve said my goodbyes to my professors and friends…bring it on!”

There are a few things though, that Mia and Lena will be bringing, that aren’t on the normal packing list of every traveler.


For this trip to Parintins, Brazil the Oticon Hearing Foundation will be sending hearing aids, receivers, domes, tubing, and a specula. Condensed from large boxes into small cases for easier packing, Dr. Lena Kyman described it as Tetris for packing and said, “I’m so grateful to be bringing so many supplies. The people we have communicated with in Brazil already seem so welcoming and friendly, I can’t wait to meet them and meet our first patient.”



As Lena and Mia begin their journey today, you can continue to follow them and their updates for Project Amazon here on our blog or on Facebook and Instagram.

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