Meet the Audiologists of Project Amazon 2015

We are excited to announce Project Amazon 2015, and the two audiologists who will join the Oticon Hearing Foundation and American Academy of Audiology Foundation in Parintins, Brazil. The Project Amazon mission, sponsored by the Oticon Hearing Foundation, will bring sustainable hearing care to the residents of the remote riverfront communities that surround the Oticon Clinic in Parintins. Our two audiologists will travel to the non-profit clinic and work with staff to screen in-need children and adults, and fit hearing instruments donated by the Foundation. While they are abroad they will be sharing their journey, and the journey of those affected by hearing loss.

Meet Mia Pic

Our first audiologist, Mia Canale, is a third year Doctor of Audiology student from the University at Buffalo in Western New York. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology with a Minor in Deaf Studies, from Ithaca College in the New York Finger Lakes Region. She has many interests, including pediatric audiology and aural rehabilitation.

She has a strong background in humanitarian missions, and says her passion for “global audiology is contagious.” When asked why she decided to apply to Project Amazon she said, “I thought it was the coolest opportunity to see more of the world and understand how different people live. To really get to use what I’m learning as a student for a greater good, for people in dire need to hear and live their life.”

Our second audiologist travelling to Brazil for Project Amazon is Dr. Lena Kyman. Lena is a clinical audiologist

Meet Lenafrom Raleigh, North Carolina. She earned her doctorate in audiology at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2013 and her clinical interests include working diagnostic hearing evaluations of pediatric and adult populations, fitting and programming hearing aids and assistive listening devices, vestibular testing, and working with veterans. She is passionate about global humanitarian work, and has volunteered in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Croatia.

When asked why she applied to Project Amazon she said, “I am passionate about bringing hearing healthcare to those in need, and spreading awareness about hearing health care and hearing loss prevention. I wholeheartedly believe that hearing health is a public health concern.”

Stay tuned as these audiologists leave for Parintins, Brazil November 7, 2015 and share their two-week journey here on the Oticon Hearing Foundation blog.

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