Exploring Family Connections In Brazil

Two sisters who were fit with hearing aids

A great takeaway from this trip is the importance placed on family. There were numerous instances of family connections that we experienced. For example, our translator William, was the son of Morten, who founded the clinic. Our driver, ‘Marshmallow’, was the clinic receptionist Vanessa’s dad, and many patients came together as families.

One woman brought her elderly mother in, who we tested, and were able to fit with hearing aids. Then the next patient who came in was her aunt. Another woman brought her father in, who begrudgingly admitted he had hearing loss and tried some hearing aids, and the patient after him was her brother, who was quite excited to get hearing aids. The woman who we performed the dizziness treatment on was married to the man who we removed a large amount of cerumen and paper from his ear, and they traveled 10+ hours by boat just to come see us!

These family connections are so pleasant to be around, and fortunately for me, quite familiar. My practice is owned by an ENT and audiologist who are married. One of the other audiologist’s mother works in the front office, one of the other receptionist’s mother is our billing manager, and we have had numerous student interns that are children of office employees. Working around families is such a great way to make a place feel like home.


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