Day One At The Clinic For Project Amazon

Wednesday was our first full day at the clinic in Parintins, Brazil working with William our translator, and Rildo, the staff audiologist.


It was also the day we met a young girl named Sofia. She had had VRA (Visual Response Audiometry) done elsewhere, which showed a moderately severe hearing loss and was referred to us for further testing. To date however, she had not had a complete evaluation under headphones.  It was challenging at first, as she was not responding consistently. One of the most difficult parts of working abroad, is not being able to reinstruct on your own. We persevered however, and made some makeshift toys for CPA (Conditioned Play Audiometry). We gave William a quick introduction on the task, and what we were trying to do. He was able to talk to our sweet patient, and Mia did a great job assisting in the booth. Sofia was a trooper, and went through a lot of testing, responding consistently. It felt like such a triumph! We were able to get a reliable test, for both ears, which actually showed results better than her previous test.

Sofia 2

We fit her with pink hearing aids, which ended up being super fun, as we learned that in Parintins there is a traditional folk festival that happens every year, and everyone in the town is either for the red team, or the blue team. Sofia’s family is for the red team. While we were getting the hearing aids programmed, Sofia kept pointing to anything red or pink in the room, and giving a thumbs up, and pointing to anything blue in the room and giving a passionate thumbs down. This fun appointment culminated when our sweet patient, after not speaking a word, responded to being asked what her name was by shouting SO-FI-A!




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