Title: A New Chapter

I read a quote somewhere that says something like, “without traveling you’re only ever reading the same chapter.” I am fortunate enough to have a vast and varied chapter book & I am beyond excited to live this new one.


Traveling to remote places (like Brazil) always comes with the added pre-departure preparation. However, everything that I need for Brazil (right down to the Typhoid A medication) I had from my time abroad in S. Africa. It helped alleviate some of the stress of getting everything finished and ready plus still being a student. Yet I know that had I needed all of the medications it wouldn’t have been much of a hassle. Both Oticon and Gallaudet have been so supportive and helpful that it only adds to my excitement! That and the cute little kiddo shirts Oticon sent me to bring to the clinic & of course my white coat.


My greatest stressor and challenge with traveling is always and will probably always be packing. Ugh, talk about a hassle! I always over pack – it’s been a problem that some high school friends pointed out to me when I would pack 3 sweatshirts for a weekend trip. In my defense, you never know what you’re going to need or want to wear (or in my case stain). However, I was able to fit all the clothes (and then some) I’d need for my time in Brazil, GA for Thanksgiving, and all the items from Oticon! Plus my good ole friend Terri Bellis. Sorry Gelfand, no hard feelings (to those of you outside of the audiology field, those are audiology textbooks). I’m just impressed I fit everything in all by myself AND that I didn’t need to sit on it to zip it up (milestones for me). I think I did a job comparable to the all mighty packer in my life, my mama.


In ending, I want to share a brief overview with you about our trip so you can see what I have to look forward to:

Nov 17:
1)City Tour – 10h30 (The volunteers will have the chance to take a ride by motorcycle and go to some touristic places: “Curral dos bois”, “Canta Galo”, front of the city, etc.).

CLINIC!!!! Plus Th is another city tour!

Fri 11/22
Second Anniversary of the clinic! Wahooo presentation of the students who study at “Padre Paulo Manna” School

Sat 11/23
Overnight boat trip (I went to Target yesterday specifically to buy dramamine…and snacks but that’s because a hungry Cindy is a VERY cranky Cindy. & Honestly, the dramamine is the most important in this case. I’m even bringing along my ginger mints).

The beach — I’ll think of everyone as I soak up the sun!

Sun 11/24
Presentation about the clinic’s work and hearing aids.

Mon 11/25 (Happy Birthday Mom!)
School visit to “Padre Paulo Manna” Elementary School

Then back to Miami!

Who is excited? This girl!


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