NOVEMBER 25, 2013

God has put in my heart the desire to go out and serve others, and Project Amazons helped to make this wish come true!

This is my last day in Parintins, finished seeing patients at 12:30, and rushing out to catch my ride to the airport (yes, rushing again, you can see that I’ve not learned from my mistake!!! My flight leaves at 2!), I reflect on these past 10 days’ events and people we’ve seen: every patient we saw has waited long before receiving any treatment because of financial (patients need to show proof of income to be eligible for Viva-o-Som Foundation, they cannot make more than 1,300 reais a month, equivalent to US $565.00, most of them make an average of US $280 a month) or time constraints: meaning that when they come to Viva o Som clinic, they already have such advanced problems – or unresolved chronic ones. The low socio-economic status is one of the causes behind this, maybe the major one; they are not so educated or informed, and therefore not savvy enough to discover where to get help; most of their reading and writing levels are barely at second grade! It’s difficult for me to know the hardships they face day to day but I am rewarded with their appreciation and gratitude with their smiles, warm hugs and kisses. I am grateful being able to alleviate some of their conditions with what little I can do for them, I am also grateful for the Oticon Foundation, American Academy of Audiology, and for Telex/Oticon Brasil for entrusting me with this opportunity. “Give, and it will be given to you….” Luke 6:38. And because of this, I feel strongly about passing this onto my child, for her to grow up not to expect to be served but to serve others herself, and feel the blessings and rewards that come with it.

Yes, this people really, really need help. If anyone reading my blog has any interest in volunteering, would you please contact me?

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