NOVEMBER 19, 2013

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Did anyone say that, or I just invented it?  This is very true: if you don’t have it, you better invent it to make your life easier!!!  I found that out very quickly in this second day of jungle adventure.  How do you create a vent if there’s no tool?  You make it with sharpened bobby pins and wire.   How do you prevent feedback when fitting a stock mold with no venting material?  You cut strips of tubing material and insert into the vent, doubling it if feedback still happens; if the ear mold material is acrylic pull out your hypo-allergenic nail polish from your cosmetic bag and give the mold double coat of manicure!  Who in the US still tie their own otoblocks with loose cotton and thread?  I had to show Cindy how that’s done, although it was before my time!  How about when you’re ready to take a shower and there’s no hot water?  No problem, think about boiling water!!! I thought I was pretty tough, but after two nights of cold shower, I was starting to feel sick, even in this hot weather, therefore, back to Stone Age (o.k., may be not Stone Age, they didn’t have gas or stove then…)!  How about this one: where would you put the patient to wait for Debrox to work if all rooms (we had only two) were occupied?  Put him in the hammock!!!  These plus many others we have to invent made us appreciate what we have back home (hmm, I should think about patenting some of these…)


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