NOVEMBER 19, 2013


You know you’re in the right line of work when you have a 15 hour work day and enjoyed every patient – every minute of it and you’re feeling rejuvenated.


Today was awesome. There were more kiddos here, though I only tested one. Most of them just needed cerumen management and had ear infections! But I had a very important task of giving them tattoos while they waited to be seen.  I gave them the tattoos before going in so they would start opening up to the women in the white coats and be more comfortable. We also played with bubbles while we waited. – Another very important tool in pediatric audiology.


Today was really exciting for me because I had a little girl come in who was profoundly deaf. She goes to the Deaf school nearby so I learned some Brazilian Sign Lang (also called Libres)! It is so interesting!!

I also had quite the otoscopy experience of my life. The ear canals here are so straight, I swear to you there are no bends! I had one older gentleman who I could see his eardrum standing two feet away! I was worried it was bulging at first because it was so big, round, and in my face.  Tymps were normal – so no bulging, just a very straight ear canal with a very pretty, big, round, eardrum.

I then had the exact opposite experience where I was doing otoscopy on someone else and he had NO eardrum on one side! It just didn’t exist, not behind the ear hair or beyond the bend. I had to get Julia because I thought I was a dumb-dumb and just couldn’t find it. Nope, not a dumb-dumb, just surprised

This opportunity is amazing and I am so thankful for it. It’s day 2 and I have already gained so much experience! For some people music rejuvenates the soul and though music feeds mine too, it is traveling and doing humanitarian work, community service, that really rejuvenates me. I feel awesome because I’m not only in Brazil but I’m also doing some really great things. Plus the added bonus of having an amazing supervisor/mentor.


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