NOVEMBER 17, 2013

Another Day in Paradise

I made it to Parintins! & they say Montgomery Ctr, VT is small (ok so it is still smaller but Parintins is small)! I love it here. It is still so very hot and muggy but preferable to DC. The open spaces of Parintins make being here a lot less claustrophobic than DC ever is in the summer.


I believe in the whole six degrees of separation and coming full circle in life. Today I feel like I got part of that experience. The /d/ sound is pronounced more like /j/. So my name is pronounced CIN-G. This really makes me smile because the first time I ever traveled outside the U.S. & Canada was in 2005. I was 17 and my usual giddy, hyper, happy self. Well jet-lag and me weren’t the best of friends (people know I get SUPER giddy and silly with lack of sleep and then REALLY mean). Well by 2am on our first day in Prague, I was still realllly giddy. I could not stop laughing and the threat of being separated the next night only made me laugh harder :/ Therefore I earned the nickname, “G” for enerGy since I was like the energizer bunny and kept going, and going, and going.

Not to say that I’ve come full circle and am not going to travel again after this (Israel, Costa Rica, and Japan are still up top on my list) but it makes my heart smile to hear the Parintins call me, “Cin-G”


–In other words, the workers here in the clinic are so friendly and a lot of fun to be around!

Today was very successful in that we spent the whole late morning and afternoon working in the clinic and setting up for patients tomorrow. I even learned how to make my own dams/otoblocks for earmolds. Very cool (lagao). We then toured the city on mopeds. EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE has a moped here. I saw families on one moped riding around, and 3 teens smooshed on one. It is insane & hilarious. Riding in the back of trucks is also common (I miss those days). It was pretty exciting until I saw a 3yr old and a 4 yr old in the back of one by themselves. Then I just got scared.


Parintins is very tiny. It’s easy to access the whole city. We first went to the Amazonas hotel. It is the nicest hotel in Parintins and sits right on one of the branches of the Amazon. BTW, during the rainy season (March) the water gets HIGH. It reaches the window of the hotel on ground cero (which were about my height). But these windows also sit 20′ up from and 50′ away from where the water was today.

Night is so nice here – at least on the back of a moped. I have always loved the wind on my face (probably since I always had the wind on my face in an attempt to ease motion sickness) and so my night tour of Parintins was perfect.

I am SO EXCITED to start seeing patients tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect and I think that is to my benefit :)

Ciao for now!

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