NOVEMBER 15, 2013

Yes, I DID IT ( or better, I DID IT, WITH HIS HELP!)

Determined to get home early this last evening before the departure, I finally dragged myself out of the office and headed home around 10 p.m.  Half a night of packing; adding and removing items that I might need, or could do without cause the luggage is getting heavier and heavier, I finally got to bad at 2:30 a.m., setting the alarm for 4:30 a.m. to get two hours of rest.


Whoever knows me well knows that I hate to waste time, I need to move every moment, and don’t like to be early, or better, rather be late then early to wait for something to happen.  Well, same for the airport trip.  Calculating it’s very early in the morning it should be a breeze to the airport therefore timed exactly so I don’t have to wait at the gate.  WRONG!!!  Four-car crash at 110 Freeway closed all the lanes!  As we were stopped just waiting my mind was flashing the images of my plane leaving without me, I was struggling to find a flight to Miami but still missed my connection to Manaus, subsequently missing the flight to Parintins….

Finally after an hour of inching passed the crashing site and got to the airport, Sky cab could not check me in, neither could the ticketing counter!!! There was a problem with my names in the US passport with my married name, and the Brazilian passport with my maiden name, I needed a special authorization by the American Airline supervisor, that’s something I never heard about from all these times traveling back and forth!  Well, this delayed another 20 some minutes, and yes, you guessed right, I still had to go through Security Check point!  By then I was done to 40 minutes before the departure!  But, no, to make matters worse, my carry-on luggage was pulled out for secondary inspection due to the equipments I was carrying!  At this point I was ready to wave goodbye to my plane!

As I was running down the terminals I heard the announcement of final boarding for all passengers for my flight, and I rushed to the gate right before the airline agent was closing the door!  I shouted for him to wait for me to let me in, with a sea of audience watching but I didn’t care!

Now seated quietly in the plane, with me in it, I reflect on this morning’s event.  I had just called Homero and pretended to be very calm, and told him that I’ve made it without any problem and we’re ready to take off and I was turning off my phone!  As he read this I can hear him laughing out loud and saying:  “I told you to go early, did you learn your lesson?”

Well, I might not have given Homero a chance to say that, but it won’t be fair if I don’t tell you the truth that the whole way I was on pins and needles, not letting Homero know how nervous I was, I prayed silently: “Please, O Lord, help me get through this and get to the plane on time,” I knew that in Him I could trust, in everything I do, that He will make the way!!! And, YES!!! AMAZONIA HERE I COME!!!


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