Our first day in Brazil has been very exciting–and exhausting.  Martha and I landed in Manaus at midnight after traveling for the past 24 hours, so we went right to sleep.  We woke up early to take a boat tour of the Amazon and a short hike.  Even though it was raining very, very hard, we had a good time–we saw monkeys and dolphins and enjoyed getting muddy during our walk!  One of the most interesting parts was the Encontros das Aguas, where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes merge.  The dark water of the Rio Negro and the light water of the Rio Solimoes don’t mix for miles (due to different water temperatures and river speeds) and it looks very cool.

Once we finished the boat ride, we headed back into Manaus to clean up and go out to dinner.  On our way to dinner, dozens of cars blaring loud music and honking their horns appeared out of nowhere–apparently there was a big soccer game and this is how to celebrate a big win! It was very exciting.

At the restaurant, Livia, the audiologist from Sao Paulo, ordered us a variety of delicious treats and had so much fun we almost missed our flight to Parintins!  Fortunately, we made it to the airport and finally arrived at the clinic, ready to start seeing patients the following morning.






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