Just wanted to give a short update. Many pic and videos to follow. The audiologist here used to work in Miami and sells mostly Oticon. She is an amazing person who almost gives the aids away so people can be helped.

The girls immediately noticed they could hear. At 500Hz, with hearing at 100dB, we got it aided down to 30 dB but we will be sharing everything later. Even speech awareness came to 30 dB and 35dB.

They were so happy to get the backpack and the t-shirts and the lunch box and pencils. I even had a patient who donated $50 in cash to them. Their mom was very happy to have the kid kits. We spent about 3 hours with them. We will see them again tomorrow at 11 o’clock and then I’m going to take everybody out to lunch. I’m going to include the audiologist as well.

This is an amazing experience and a very fulfilling experience.

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