My time spent in South Africa will be forever memorable. I am sincerely grateful to Oticon and the American Academy of Audiology Foundation for giving me the opportunity to once again work with Dr. Jackie Clark and her team of humanitarian audiologists. Working alongside such amazing professionals, students, and the people of South Africa is one that I wish every audiologist has the chance to experience. When in Africa working with Jackie I always learn something about myself and what I can accomplish Read More »


I had such an amazing experience while in South Africa! Due to spotty internet conntection we were only able to blog sporadically, so I wanted to submit another blog with summarizing some of my thoughts regarding the trip. Our time in South Africa made me realize how much we have to be thankful for here in the US. During our first day of work at the Senior Center we saw several seniors that had been waiting anywhere from 18 months to 2 years for hearing aids. They were so appreciative to have us Read More »


Annie Cardella Third-Year AuD Student, UT-Dallas Friday, July 30, 2010: Before the Mission had Begun It is very early in the morning, and I am on the tail end of a flight from Frankfurt Germany to Johannesburg South Africa.  Breakfast just arrived, and it is surprisingly delicious considering the food we were given on the last flight.  We haven't even landed yet, but I can already feel the effects of Africa on my mind and body.  I am completely exhausted as I only got a few hours of sleep Read More »