Remembering Project Amazon 2013

With 2015 coming to an end and reflection being a natural occurrence with the coming of a new year, we decided to think about something from our past. We invited a past participant of Project Amazon, Cindy Frey, to share her experience with the project and life after. Project Amazon 2013 When talking about her time in Parintins, Brazil, her favorite aspect of the entire experience was immersing herself in a new culture and offering services that were very needed. The clinic also provided Read More »

NOVEMBER 25, 2013

God has put in my heart the desire to go out and serve others, and Project Amazons helped to make this wish come true! This is my last day in Parintins, finished seeing patients at 12:30, and rushing out to catch my ride to the airport (yes, rushing again, you can see that I’ve not learned from my mistake!!! My flight leaves at 2!), I reflect on these past 10 days’ events and people we’ve seen: every patient we saw has waited long before receiving any treatment because of financial (patients Read More »

NOVEMBER 21, 2013

I'm very humbled by my experiences here. The patients whom I serve emanate humility. Julia said it well with, "they are simple and live a simple life." They're very practical and it's refreshing to work with them. Vanity is not something that exists for these patients. "O, I am struggling to hear, or my ear really hurts, or I'm curious about my hearing, let me go sit and wait outside - give up a full day of work, to wait for hours, until I am seen by the audiologist." If there's a problem they go Read More »