Today was a very busy day at the clinic with a big variety of different patients.  We saw two individuals with profound hearing loss who were fit with their very first hearing aids today--they seemed a little overwhelmed by the sound but were excited to hear environmental sounds.  One little girl just came by because she heard there were volunteers and she was excited to meet us.  We gave her stickers and a tee shirt, and she gave us lots of hugs.  We wished that all patients could be this easy Read More »


Our first day in Brazil has been very exciting--and exhausting.  Martha and I landed in Manaus at midnight after traveling for the past 24 hours, so we went right to sleep.  We woke up early to take a boat tour of the Amazon and a short hike.  Even though it was raining very, very hard, we had a good time--we saw monkeys and dolphins and enjoyed getting muddy during our walk!  One of the most interesting parts was the Encontros das Aguas, where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes merge.  The Read More »


Patients Arrive! We arrived in Parintins late Sunday night. Parintins is on the Amazon River on the island of Tupinambarana. Despite the geographic remoteness of the area, Parintins is a region of over 100,000 people.  Its claim to fame is an annual folklore event: ‘Festival do Boi-Bumba’. Second only to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the festival has nearly a 100 year history. All residents of the town take “sides” (the Blue Caprichoso team or the Red Garantido Team) and the ‘competition’ Read More »