Celebrations Since the Viva o Som clinic is relatively new to this community, outreach to the community is an important part of their activities.  Today we visited 2 schools which serve children with special needs. One school serves children with a range of disabilities and includes adult learning classes as well. The other school serves primarily deaf and hard of hearing children with some who have developmental delay. Both schools are committed to providing appropriate education and support Read More »


This morning we went to visit two schools in Parintins that serve children with special needs.  The first school, Glauber Viana Goncalves, has students of all ages with a variety of disabilities, such as Down's Syndrome and Autism.  The school employed a variety of professionals--special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, and physical therapists, among others.  The school was great--the children seemed very happy, and the professionals working with them were doing a wonderful job.  Read More »


Another busy day at the clinic!  We saw a wide range of patients – from a family who simply wanted to come by to say hello to a little girl (Luna) who was previously diagnosed with a severe to profound hearing loss. She recently lost one hearing aid and we are glad that she did – we conducted a new hearing test using play audiometry and discovered that she actually had much less of a hearing loss – in the moderate to severe range! We fit another set of hearing aids with the more reliable and Read More »