Sharing stories of inspiration with Braden Baker, Oticon Hearing Foundation Ambassador


We have a special message from Oticon Hearing Foundation ambassador Braden Baker. Like us, Braden is excited to get back to the great work we do on our audiology mission trips when we are able to. In the meantime, it’s helpful to shed light on the good and as much as possible spread positivity. A great way to do that is by sharing stories of inspiration.

Braden asks, “Do you have any stories about something you’ve done or found inspirational in your own local community?”

For example, Braden recently donated hearing aids to a local high school student.


If you have a story or message of inspiration—no matter how big or how small—please share in the comments below. We’ll add your story here on Braden’s Corner so it can continue to bring light and smiles to this amazing community. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Marvel’s series, Marvel’s Hero Project, where Braden has his own episode about his work in the hearing community. 

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