Oticon Hearing Foundation Ambassador Braden Baker Featured in Marvel’s Hero Project


We’re so excited to share that Oticon Hearing Foundation ambassador Braden Baker will be featured in Marvel’s Hero Project on Disney+. The series puts a spotlight on real-life heroes and starts streaming on Disney+ starting November 12, 2019. Braden’s episode will air on December 27, 2019.

The series focuses on extraordinary, inspiring kids and the work they’ve done in their communities across the country. As the project sets out to prove, it doesn’t take an iron suit, super strength, or a mythical hammer to be a hero—just seeing a problem and having the passion to solve it in a creative way is what made these kids, including Branden, heroes.

If you don’t know Braden already, he works to supply hearing instruments to individuals in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. His partnerships ensure that children who are unable to afford hearing aids now have an option to receive them through his relationship with organizations like Oticon Hearing Foundation. After appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October of 2017, the outpouring of support not just financially but emotionally has been huge in recognizing and acknowledging the needs of the hearing impaired community.

In every Hero Project episode, each outstanding kid will be surprised to find out that they’ve been immortalized in a Marvel Comic, which will be available for free in Marvel Unlimited and the Marvel Digital Comics Store. Braden is certainly a hero we look up to, and we’re excited for his work to continue to inspire others through this project.

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