Braden Baker’s Inspiring Mission to Give Back to the Hearing Loss Community

What began as an idea to give back to the hearing loss community, turned into a highly successful go fund me campaign for 10-year-old Braden Baker. Braden, who was diagnosed with sensorineural bilateral hearing loss, has been wearing hearing aids since he was 3 months old.FullSizeR1 (2)

“People would always stare at my hearing aids. I got more brave so when people looked at me I would tell them what they were.” – Braden Baker

Braden’s idea to give back occurred at his family’s lakehouse. Inspired by Ellen DeGeneres, Braden and his family decided to research hearing care organizations and happened upon The Oticon Hearing Foundation. Braden, who currently wears Oticon hearing aids, says they loved reading hearing stories from around the world and hopes the money he raises can help give the gift of hearing to more people.

“It wasn’t always easy being the only kid with hearing aids, but giving him this purpose has been amazing.” - Ashley Baker, Braden’s mother

Braden’s go fund me campaign has since raised over $10,000 for the foundation. Initially, the Baker family had a goal of $1,000, a number they quickly surpassed with the help of family, friends, and their community in Fort Worth, Texas.

“It’s mainly a lot of people that I have known and been connected too. The heart of this city is crazy and unbelievable.” – Ashley Baker

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Braden, who has been keeping people updated about the campaign via short videos on social media, says it took a couple of takes and he was nervous at first, but he did all the filming himself. “When I tried to help produce, I got told to leave,” says Ashley Baker. His advice to any kid who feels like they can’t make a difference is that they can do anything. Anyone can raise awareness and have a voice.

“It’s amazing what happens when you put a tiny idea out into the universe. We think it’s an amazing thing and now hopefully getting hearing aids will be an easier process for someone else. Isn’t that what it’s all about at the end of the day?” – Ashley Baker

Braden’s campaign will continue until July 1. To view the campaign and donate, please click here.






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